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Why one should read this blog…? Simple…because I am writing it to read…!! ha stupid start… By the way…My Name is R D Tailang… By proffession I am a writer, in TV and Films… I write in hindi.. but here I will try to write in english…without bothering about grammer, proper sentences and spelling mistakes… because I belive… a writer should not put only words on the blank sheet or screen… he / she put her heart on it… pour your emotions not punctuations…show your affection… not perfection… so from tomorrow .. may be a day after… I will start sharing my experience with the film and Tv industry…and working and writing for super stars of indian cinema…and ofcourse… about life…yours and mine… so please keep comming…


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November 2009
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  • @DeShobhaa @TawdeVinod Ms Shobhaa De, you are re tweeting August tweet of the minister and creating more confusion. Plz check latest info. 1 hour ago
  • RT @virendersehwag: Har kisi ko safai mat do , aap insaan ho , washing powder nahin ! 2 days ago
  • Flight में हिंदी में instructions उसी तरह दिए जाते हैं, जैसे udipi hotel में waiter खाने का menu बताते हैं ... 1 week ago
  • Am I the only person who is in Patiyala and not having Patiyala peg ..😄 1 week ago
  • Records breaking or making rules do not apply on some things, their presence itself creates a record. KBC is among them. #kbc9 1 week ago

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